Solgar Reishi Shiitake Maitake Mushroom Extract، 50 Capsules

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Suffering from a bout of Chronic Fatigue I was searching for supplements to help. After trying lots of other things with mixed success I saw a video of Dr Dietrich Klinghardt who suggested that Shiitake mushrooms can be helpful so I tried a bottle of these . Within a few of days the worst of the fatigue was subsiding and my concentration going up! I have also been sleeping more regularly; easier to get to sleep and not over-sleeping. The only side-effect I have noticed is vivid dreams pretty much every night but I can live with that over the fatigue I had before!If you are suffering from chronic fatigue other things I can suggest that helped me have been:-CoQ10 (50-100mg)-B12 (500 micrograms)-Iodine (kelp or Detoxadine)-Magnesium (Dr`s Best)-Ionic trace minerals(-Bonus supplement for Hayfever sufferers: Fenugreek and Thyme. Best thing I`ve found yet.)UPDATE / NOTEI would recommend taking a break from mushroom supplements once in a while in case of potential side-effects. for example has a few articles on Reishi worth reading ( is worth a look too). There are some warnings of potential liver/blood pressure effects and warnings for people with bleeding disorders. I have not had troubles myself but with any `herbal` based supplements I like to give myself a break after a period of use .

ZN 3575.0:
I love Solgar and have bought their products since 2010 as that company made good products. Like it

Lyubomira Tabakova5.0:
I believe the product is nice but unfortunately it gave me allergic reaction. I think I might be allergic to some of the mushrooms (I never eat mushrooms because I don’t like them). Regardless everything is good👍🏼

lynn kunda5.0:
always used this product its one of the best for people with weak immune system.

As always solgar deliver the best quality products




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