Life Extension Optimized Folate (1000 mcg, 100 قرص نباتي)

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Mey-Lin Fonseca e Silva5.0:
Tem 10 dias que to usando. Até entao tudo certo.Os comprimidos soltaram muito pó pode ser durante o percurso do transporte.

Happy Man5.0:
My doc recommended L-methylfolate after having prescribed a couple of antidepressants. While the antidepressants helped it only made things bearable – not great. My doc explained that some people do not metabolize folic acid well. Folic acid is normally metabolized into L-methylfolate which she explained is a precursor of serotonin endorphins and dopamine (I THINK I’m remembering that correctly…). If you do not metabolize folic acid efficiently your body doesn’t have the “raw materials” to “manufacture” neurotransmitters. This can be a cause of or an exacerbator of depression anxiety and other manifestations.I took 1 mg (1000 micrograms – one capsule) per day at first. After a week I noticed a definite improvement. I continued for a couple of months noticing no further change. Then I increased my dosage to 2 mg per day. After four days I noticed another improvement. At this dose I usually feel almost normal again. I am contemplating increasing the dosage to 3 mg per day but I will wait another couple of months to see my doc again. Clearly my improvement was caused by taking this supplement.Now if your body processes folic acid NORMALLY there is no need to take this supplement. Save yourself the money! But if you suffer from anxiety and/or depression your doctor has tried a few of the SSRI’s and other drugs to increase levels of serotonin in your blood CERTAINLY give this stuff a try! I recommend you do this with your doctor’s knowledge. I also recommend that you do as I am doing — start with 1 mg/day and see how you feel after two or three months. If you notice an improvement notice how long after you start taking this supplement you saw the improvement.If you DO notice an improvement and you feel great there is no need to take more. If you notice an improvement but you still aren’t where you think you SHOULD be try taking 2 mg/day again for three months noticing if and when you feel another boost. After three months if you felt an improvement with 2 mg/day then try 3 mg/day again for three months. When you get to a point where increasing the dose another 1 mg makes no further difference in how you feel then you have probably found the ultimate dose.As far as this product goes it CLEARLY is effective and potent (again ONLY for those who do not metabolize folic acid). I have not tried other brands but I don’t see the need to do so. This price (three bottles all together) is the best I could find. I have ordered it twice through Amazon and both times delivery has been within a week or less.Bottom line: IF you have the metabolic issue I have spoken of this product can help absolutely and unmistakably. Best of luck to you.

Works better than Deplin and a whole lot cheaper! I take it with Wellbutrin and it has completely eliminated my “cloudy” brain feeling. Deplin wasn’t accomplishing that for me. After taking this product for about a week I noticed the brain fog was gone and I had more energy because I was no longer needing to concentrate so hard to do my accounting job. I recommend this product to anyone who has problems metabolizing folate. My adult son who suffers with extreme anxiety and depression starting taking this product and he has noticed a significant change. He doesn’t take any prescription drugs because he hasn’t wanted to but he tried this and it has helped! So again I highly recommend this product.

Arrived quickly well packaged. I was diagnosed homozygous MTHFR C677T last year and this supplement has changed my life. I’m an advocate for genetic testing; my diagnosis and treatment has alleviated numerous symptoms that were becoming overwhelming specifically inflammation among others. Nine months into taking this supplement daily I have entirely different neuro efficiency in my hands and feet.

G. M. Ross5.0:
Generic equivalent of Deplin I think. Equivalent dosage would cost >$100 a month. The B vitamin folate has important health benefits but it’s hard to get the vitamin to the brain where it’s needed. This compound somehow gets through the blood/brain barrier or so the literature says. It has worked for me.





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